travel horizons

This is a new blog about travel. I am calling it Travel Horizons.

One of the wonderful things about travel is that it expands our horizons, literally. A horizon is defined as "the circular boundary of the part of the earth's surface visible from a particular point."

When we stay in one place, we see the same horizon day after day. What lies beyond those familiar horizons? The is the question, the basic curiosity, that leads to exploration, to discovery, to travel.

This space will be dedicated to sharing the new horizons that travel opens to us. In the months to come, I will write about where I have been, what I have seen, and how these experiences have broadened my own horizons. I invite you to be a part of this conversation.

David Ourisman



Rebecca said...

Awesome! Love it and can't wait to see your pics on this also!

Rebecca said...

Awesome! This is going to be great and your photos will look great here also!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot! Well Done, and thanks for sharing...

Kind Regards