hiking the Cote d'Azur

Hiking is my favorite way to explore a destination. Rather than seeing the landscape whiz by the windows of a bus or car, hikers get to experience and savor the natural beauty of a place. (And consider the driver who has to pay attention to the unfamiliar, winding roads and misses much of the scenery.) The challenge, for visitors new to an area, is finding hikes that are appropriate for them in terms of physical exertion, lead to the most beautiful sights in the area, and avoid busy and dangerous roads.

26 Gorgeous Hikes on the Western Cote d'Azur addresses that challenge. It is a guide for visitors to France who plan to spend time hiking the Cote d'Azur. Recently written by Florence Chatzigianis, the book describes and maps out 15 easy hikes and 11 medium hikes. Readers are given the choice of a variety of different scenic attractions. Each hike is illustrated with photographs to help you choose and heighten your anticipation of what you might discover: panoramic views of the Mediterranean, ancient Roman aqueducts, picturesque villages, beaches, even a 12th century monastery.

This book is highly recommended for travelers to the Cote d'Azur who are looking for reliable self-guided hikes. It is available for order from amazon.com.

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