Hawaii — balmy days and beautiful sunsets

I love watching sunrises and sunsets which are, to me, the most magical times of the day. I photographed this Hawaii sunset at Four Seasons Manele Bay.

It's no wonder I've gotten lots of inquiries about Hawaii in the past month. The east coast and mid-west are in the midst of a long, cold winter. Even the west coast has been wetter and cooler than usual. Northern California, where I live, has seen lots of rain (much needed to replenish our reservoirs) and temperatures in the 50's. Lots of people want to get away to the sunshine and balmy temperatures of the tropics. But where to go?

I love Hawaii. While Mexico and the Caribbean have dozens of five star resorts to choose from, US citizens can travel to Hawaii, our 50th state, without passports or the need to wait in long immigrations lines. The weather is dependable, and your health insurance will probably cover you. (Traveling to Mexico or the Caribbean? Ask me about how a low-cost travel insurance package can take care of any sudden emergency medical expenses you may face when you're outside the US).

Which island to choose? That will be the subject of my next blog posting — so watch this space! But if you want to get away from this long, cold, and damp winter, Hawaii is my favorite place to go.

Hawaii sunset (search here on Google)

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