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Some travelers want a room with a view, but Juvet Landscape Hotel (Juvet Landskapshotell) goes far beyond that. I call it a "view with a room."

We met Juvet's owner, Knut Slinning, during our site inspection of this property in Gudbrandsjuvet, Norway. Knut, a passionate outdoorsman and environmentalist, made his fortune in real estate and conceived of this project as a way to give something back. The property is designed to have near-zero environmental impact. The seven rooms are not especially large, nor are the furnishings especially plush. The design is all about letting in the view. Glass windows, stretching from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall, open onto a mountain stream, a forest, and a snowcapped mountain as a backdrop.

Juvet offers what Knut calls the Norwegian Big Five: (1) winter sports, (2) hikes, and (3) rafting provided in a (4) wilderness camp set in a (5) world heritage site. The hotel also has a spa with similar views where you can sit in a steam room or enjoy a massage in the midst of a beautiful natural setting.

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