the best Chinese restaurant ever

Lung King Heen is the first Chinese restaurant to be awarded three Michelin stars, and after having lunch here today, I can understand why. The name literally means "View of the Dragon," and from its fourth floor location in the Four Seasons Hong Kong, the restaurant offers a commanding view of Victoria Harbour and Kowloon ... in addition to having the best Chinese food I have ever eaten.

I learned two things at lunch today

(1) how to eat dim sum with chopsticks... The trick is to lift the dum sum with your chopsticks and place it in the soup spoon. Then, while holding the dumpling in place on the spoon with your chopsticks, you eat it off the spoon in several bites.

(2) what to order when in any doubt... Ask for the chef's choice, and you'll be treated with fresh vegetables as they come into season as well as delicacies you'd never know about otherwise. Here was our menu today:

廚 師 精 選 點 心

Chef’s Dim Sum Selection

菜 膽 竹 笙 燉 北 菇

Double-Boiled Chinese Mushroom with Bamboo Piths and Brassica

豉 油 皇 煎 星 斑 柳

Fried Star Garoupa Fillet in Soy Sauce

龍 景 脆 皮 雞

Lung King Heen Roast Chicken

上 湯 黑 豚 肉 雜 菜 煲

Japanese Pork Casserole with Vegetables in Supreme Soup

四 季 鮮 果 碟

Seasonal Fruit Platter

美 點 薈 萃

Petits Fours

Of special note - the grouper came with very thin slices of lotus root, deep fried like potato chips - simply incredible. Lung King Heen's signature Roast Chicken dish had crispy skin (reminiscent of Peking Duck) and the moistest morsels of barbequed chicken I have ever tasted. The vegetables in the Pork Soup were absolutely done to perfection. This was not your neighborhood Chinese restaurant - but it's a place you must experience while in Hong Kong. Be sure to make advance reservations.

Four Seasons Hong Kong (search here on Google)

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