an utterly authentic dinner in Borobudur

When the chairman of Amanresorts visits Amanjiwo in Borobudur, Indonesia, he makes it a point to eat at Pak Parno.

Gourmet ethnic cuisine is an oxymoron — at least that's my opinion. I love discovering an utterly authentic restaurant that's known only by locals "in the know," and that's what Pak Parno is all about. It's not really a restaurant at all — it's a private home. The food is prepared in an open-air kitchen with a small wood-burning stove (pictured above), and you eat on the porch. There's no menu. The first course is fried rice with chicken and vegetables. The second course is fried noodles with the same accompaniments. The third course is soup noodles with the same. It's really authentic. It's really good. And it's really cheap - the total bill for the two of us was 150,000 Rupiah (about $17.50).

You'll never find it on your own, but when you stay at Amanjiwo, be sure to ask about Pak Parno. If it's a must-do for the chairman of Amanresorts ... that's a pretty good recommendation.

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