The Cliffs Preserve

We left the Ritz-Carlton Santiago at 10 a.m. to head to the airport for a short 90 minute flight to Puerto Montt. After a brief detour back to the hotel to retrieve a passport that one of our group had left in his room, we made it to the airport in plenty of time, although the bag back check lines were incredibly long.

About a 90 minute drive from the airport, The Cliffs Preserve is a beautiful seaside resort with lots of opportunities for enjoying nature: hiking, fly fishing, kayaking, even relaxing in the spa. The Cliffs goes beyond "all-inclusive." although expensive, your stay includes virtually anything you want to satisfy your heart's desire. I have a beautiful, extremely spacious suite in a 4 BR Villa. The living room has a wood burning fireplace and a stocked refrigerator. My bedroom has a King bed, as well as a sitting area overlooking the beach.

The food is amazing, and even laundry is included, so this is a smart place to plan for the middle of your itinerary to Chile. I'm looking forward to my three days here!


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