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It's almost a cliche - having an elevator speech - but I got to give mine a couple of nights ago. Literally!

While staying at Vdara in Las Vegas, I was going down to the lobby one night to head over to Bellagio. When I entered the elevator on the 36th floor, a young couple was already in the car. The young woman wore a strikingly beautiful diamond ring on her left hand, and I asked if they were on their honeymoon. They were not. The couple was from Australia, engaged to be married, and on a vacation to Las Vegas.

     "Where are you going on your honeymoon?"

     "The Seychelles," they answered.

     "Are you considering the Four Seasons?" I asked, and the bride nodded yes.
     "I'm part of the Virtuoso event going on at Bellagio, and I can get you
      free breakfasts, a $100 food credit, maybe even get you upgraded."

As the elevator doors opened and we stepped into the lobby, I wished them well, and then the bride asked if she could have my card.

The concept of an elevator speech is based on the notion that someone in business ought to be able to provide a compelling explanation of their product in 30 seconds. That's easy, being a Virtuoso travel consultant. I save my clients hundreds of dollars every time they stay in one of 975 luxury hotels and resorts around the world, whether on a business trip or a romantic honeymoon. I just rarely get to make that speech … in an elevator!

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