Virtuoso Travel Week | Aug 11-17

This video expresses what Virtuoso Travel Mart Week is all about. The name has changed, but the basic idea remains the same — networking. Thousands of luxury travel consultants spend a week together with perhaps one thousand reps from five star hotels and resorts, cruise lines, tour companies, onsites, and specialty suppliers. Reps tell travel consultants what's new about their products, and travel consultants are basically shopping on behalf of our clients. Everyone always want to know about the most exciting new hotels and exotic travel destinations.

With literally 24 hours of 4-minute appointments over four days (we call it "speed dating"), Virtuoso Travel Week is an exhausting but worthwhile experience. Rick Baron of Tauck Tours may have overstated the case in the video… or, this may actually be the case with extraverts! In his experience, "Instead of being completely exhausted, I think we come back enthused, energetic, rejuvenated and energized."

Honestly, I do come home exhausted. My first year, I even had nightmares for several weeks — endless lines of people coming by and talking to me. Virtuoso Travel Week is an assault on the senses, but it's so valuable, I do it anyway.

Where do you want to go next? Let me know, and I go shopping for you at Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas.

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