a weekend in San Francisco

the Shell Building, one of the sites on the City Walks tour of the steel-framed buildings of San Francisco

I spent an enjoyable two evenings at the Four Seasons San Francisco this past weekend. Not an exotic foreign destination for me, we parked at the North Berkeley BART station and took BART right to the Powell station in just 30 minutes. We were quickly up the escalator to Market Street and into the front door of the Four Seasons without even crossing the street. Here are some of the places and things that we enjoyed this weekend in the city:

Union Square. You can walk here in a couple of minutes and find yourself in the heart of the shopping district. Macy's, Nieman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue are right on the square, with Bloomingdales and Nordstrom just a block away. There was an art show going on in the square, and I especially apprecated the fine art photography of Mario Duse.

Chinatown. Kitchy but fun. Walk through the twin dragons guarding the entrance to Chinatown and see shops with all kinds of cheap souvenirs and electronics, as well Chinese dim sum restaurants. And while we're on the subject of eating...

Eating, eating, and more eating. San Francisco is a food capital of the world, and we enjoyed two superb dinners. Friday night, we dined at Quince — very expensive but exceptional cuisine. Saturday night, we had dinner at CafĂ© Claude, a small French bistro with authentic food featuring live jazz on weekends.

jellyfish in the aquarium at the Academy of Sciences

Academy of Sciences. Located in Golden Gate Park, we went down into the Powell BART station and took the Muni (N train) — to Judah and 19th Ave. A quick walk into the park, and we were at the Academy of Sciences. We especially enjoyed the Planetarium, Rain Forest, and the Aquarium.

City Walks. The San Francisco Public Library offers daily city walks, guided walking tours that are quite interesting and informative. We enjoyed a two-hour walk that explored the history of steel-framed skyscrapers in San Francisco, including the Shell Building pictured at the top of this article.

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