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morning view out our 11th floor room

Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey is located just 5 miles from LAX — situated right on the marina and on the 26 mile paved bike trail leading from Santa Monica to Redondo Beach. If you need an overnight nearby the Los Angeles International Airport, it's the ideal, upscale "airport hotel" with quick access to the terminals and no need to brave the LA freeways. But here's another possible way to take advantage of this hotel.

Facing a L-O-N-G layover at LAX? Rather than endure the hours in a boring airport lounge, consider a Day Package at Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey. Your limo will whisk you off to the hotel where you'll check into a day room (to shower, freshen up, nap, whatever) and then take advantage of the hotel's facilities.

Perhaps a spa treatment, lounge by the hotel's swimming pool, play tennis, ride a bike up the beach (the bike path is paved through the sand), or enjoy a meal at Cast & Plow (the hotel's new restaurant that stresses fresh produce and locally-sourced meats and seafood). When it's time to go back to the airport, your limo will return you in plenty of time to check in for your connecting flight.

6 hours in an airport lounge? or a Spa Day? Your choice, but RC Marina del Rey can help make the day something special, if that's your wish.

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