Amankora Journey | classroom in Gangtey

Classroom in Gangtey (c) 2014 by David Ourisman, all rights reserved

We are in the midst of our two night stay at the Amankora in Gangtey, Bhutan, and what a beautiful place this is. Amankora overlooks what is perhaps the most picturesque valley on the Amankora Journey. But beyond the sheer natural beauty, I most appreciated the privilege of experiencing a small slice of real life in this remote mountain village.

Our first stop this morning was at a small elementary school in the valley. Children were still arriving at school (some walk hours a day to go to school) when we got there, but soon everyone assembled in front of the flagpole for morning assembly. One student gave a "speech" to the assembly (in English - his chosen topic was "politician"), another student helped raise the flag, and the entire assembly sang the national anthem and spent a few minutes in silent meditation.

Then we got to spend a few minutes in a classroom where we could meet the children and ask them some questions. What is your favorite food? "Rice" was the most popular answer, but we also heard another child say "apples." (Bhutan blessedly does not have a single McDonald's or KFC!)

Afterwards, we enjoyed a hike through some gorgeous nature...

walking under a beautiful forest canopy

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