Virtuoso Week | Monte Carlo, Monaco

Here's #8 on my top ten list from Virtuoso Travel Week.

I got this tip from the rep of Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo, but the deal is valid also for the other two Virtuoso hotels in town, Hotel Hermitage and Hotel Metropole. Get a one-year membership ($115 per person) in the Red Diamond Club (Le Club Diamont Rouge). Membership requires a confirmed reservation in one of eight luxury hotels. This entitles each member to:

Complimentary one-way helicopter transfer from the Nice International Airport to Monte Carlo ($185 value)

Complimentary admission to ten of Monaco's attractions and museums ($100 value)
  1. Prince’s Palace State Apartments
  2. Oceanographic Museum & Aquarium
  3. Exotic Garden of Monaco, Observatory Cave and Anthropology Museum
  4. New National Museum of Monaco (NMNM): Villa Sauber and Villa Paloma
  5. Exhibition of H.S.H. the Prince of Monaco’s Collection of Vintage Cars
  6. Museum of the Chapel of the Visitation
  7. Zoological Gardens
  8. Naval Museum
  9. Stamp and Coin Museum
  10. Louis II Stadium
A $285 value for $115, this is something to consider when visiting Monaco. Bear in mind that a minimum of 14 days prior to U.S. departure is required to process and mail your Red Diamond Club credentials. And check out the three Virtuoso hotels in Monaco.

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