which supper on EVA Air

I'm leaving for Thailand and Bhutan in a bit less than a week and getting there via Taipei on EVA Air's redeye flight from SFO. So I'm asking my readers to help me decide what to order for dinner! You can preorder on Eva Air's website if you're flying in Royal Laurel class (which I am, thanks to Ben and Mac at PointsPros.com who helped with the award tickets).

Help me choose by voting in this poll. Bear in mind that I'll try to go to sleep immediately upon take off (scheduled departure is 1:40 a.m.), asking the flight attendants to save my meal until I wake up, somewhere mid-Pacific  So help me choose something that's likely to be moist and yummy six hours into the flight.
Do any of my readers have any experience with EVA Air? If so, I'd appreciate any tips.

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