Napa Valley in the spring

field of mustard just south of Calistoga, (c) 2015 by David Ourisman

Back from a week in Napa and Sonoma counties in Northern California. I've posted my full site inspection report here, and I will be writing articles on some of the individual hotels over the next few weeks.

Springtime mid-week is a great time to be seeing Wine Country. There are not nearly as many tourists clogging the roads, restaurant reservations are easy to get (I have a couple of outstanding places that I'll be recommending), and the weather in late February was, well, gorgeous... with apologies to the Midwest and Northeast.

While the grape vines are not yet covered with leaves, there's still something impressive about seeing parallel rows of pruned branches across the fields and over hills... not to mention the occasional field of yellow mustard flowers, such as pictured above in a field just south of Calistoga, California in the Napa Valley.

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