will Americans need visas to visit Europe?

Have you seen this headline? Is it anything to worry about?
EU Parliament Urges Visas for US Citizens Visiting Europe
The backstory. There is an ongoing dispute between the European Union (EU) and the United States over the requirement that citizens of Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Romania, and Cypress obtain visas before visiting the United States. US citizens have the right to visit any EU country without obtaining visas, and the EU is understandably concerned over the lack of reciprocity.

So the EU Parliament made a symbolic gesture to make its point. A simple "show of hands" was taken on a motion to urge the EU develop a new regulation requiring Americans to obtain visas before visiting any EU nation.

The facts of the matter. No such regulation has been formally proposed. Once approved, it would have to be approved by the European Union countries, a process that could take years. And it is not in the interests of countries like Italy, France, or Spain to take such a step, as Europe receives much economic benefit from American tourism.

My guess is that there's nothing to worry about. Of course, I would also have guessed that Britain would have voted "no" on Brexit and that the US would have elected Hillary Clinton ... but the smart money says that this is only a negotiating ploy.

Bottom line: this is a great time to visit Europe as the exchange rate is highly favorable. 100€ = $105.45. I remember when it was 140 dollars to the euro.

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