my heart goes out to Paris

Champs Elysées (c) 2008 by David Ourisman

There are very few lunatics in the world (fortunately), but one of those few has struck. 

According to the Associated Press:
Paris police say that a gunman killed one police officer and wounded another before being killed himself in an attack on the Champs-Elysees shopping district. The attack came three days before the first round of France's tense presidential election. Security is high around the vote after France has been attacked in recent years.
According to CNN:
The Champs-Elysées has been closed and authorities are telling people to avoid the area. Video showed the normally busy avenue, one of the most famous streets in the world, empty of residents and tourists but teeming with security officers at 9:30 p.m.
J'ai toujours aimé Paris, and my heart goes out to the people of this beautiful city, indeed to all the citizens of France. It's beyond sad what a few monstrous individuals sometimes choose to do. Despite their mistaken belief that they are glorifying the deity, they are in fact dishonoring their God, bringing shame upon their religion, devaluing life, and denying universal human hopes.

What can we do? Never give in to the cowardice and depravity of the criminally lunatic. Let's keep traveling, visiting the places we love, and exploring the diverse cultures and beautiful sights of our world.

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