Aman at Summer Palace | royal retreat

courtyard at Aman at Summer Palace (c) 2017 by David Ourisman, all rights reserved

When visiting Beijing, here are some reasons to spend your first few nights at Aman at Summer Palace before moving to a downtown hotel.

(1) It's outside the busy city, an escape from Beijing's congested traffic and smoggy air. Aman at Summer Palace is adjacent to the 290 hectare summer palace grounds which once served as an imperial retreat to the Qing Dynasty. So when you get off your plane and, instead of being driven on a 16-lane highway into the center of Beijing, spend your first couple of nights getting over jet lag while enjoying peace, tranquility, and Aman-like serenity.

(2) Summer Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is very popular with tourists. But if you're an Aman guest, you can use the secret gate that leads straight from the hotel grounds into the Palace gardens. Skip the entrance lines and even enjoy the Summer Palace gardens before opening and after closing.

(3) The Great Wall is a much easier drive from Summer Palace than from a downtown hotel. I suggest that you check out of Aman your second morning and travel with your guide to a remote section of the wall. After you experience the iconic Great Wall of China, drive back into Beijing and check into your downtown hotel, an ideal base from which visit the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven.

Pictured above is a courtyard at Aman at Summer Palace, viewed from the restaurant. All Virtuoso guests receive complimentary daily breakfast for two and a complimentary 60-minute massage, along with an upgrade if available and free WiFi during your stay. Please get in touch to plan your completely customized trip to China.

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