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If you are a frequent flyer, Trusted Traveler is the best investment you can make ... and if you travel internationally, you should definitely enroll in Global Entry (which includes Trusted Traveler status). Here's why.

Tired of taking off your shoes — not to mention slipping off your belt, your overcoat, and removing your laptop and baggie of liquids from your carryon? Trusted travelers are spared this process (and especially having to get dressed again). As long as you're traveling on a participating airline (some international carriers are not), you'll place your carryon on the conveyer, walk through the magnetometer, and pick everything up on the other side. If no one is in line, it can take as little as 15 seconds.

Despairing at the length of the line at immigration? Don't! Global Entry members literally walk around that line. You'll waltz up to a friendly kiosk which will scan your fingerprints, take your photo, and give you a receipt to hand to the officer when exiting (and enjoy a special exit line from Customs as well). You're even spared having to fill out the immigration card, as the touch-screen kiosk gets this information from you.

Did you know there's a new Trusted Traveler website? All current users will need to re-register, but not to worry. I did it this morning, and it's relatively quick and painless. Just have your PASSID number handy before you begin, the "trusted traveller" number found on the back of your global entry card. Surf to the Trusted Traveler Programs website. Click "I'm already a program member" and choose "manage my membership." The website will guide you through the process. Although not as user-friendly as it might be, it's pretty straightforward. For more detailed instructions, see The Points Guy blog.

Haven't signed up yet? I enthusiastically recommend Global Entry and Trusted Traveler. Many credit cards will credit your enrollment fee. To save even more time, you might consider additional time-and-aggravation-saving services such as CLEAR and get a discount if you have a Delta Airlines SkyMiles number.

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