guaranteed room on arrival in London

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You know what it's like to get off your all-night flight over the pond — tired, perhaps a bit groggy if you've enjoyed too much wine during your flight, and in desperate need of a hot shower. You hop in a cab, drive into London during rush hour traffic, and arrive at your hotel. Walking up to the front desk, you announce yourself, anxious to get into your room ... only to hear the following. "I'm sorry, sir (or madam), but check-in is not available until 3 in the afternoon. You're welcome to leave your bags with our bell captain."

Here's how to get a guaranteed room for your morning arrival, an exclusive offer at two of my favorite hotels in London — The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane. Both are in London's Mayfair neighborhood, across the street from Hyde Park. Here's the deal:
  • Guaranteed room-upon-arrival is available for North American guests booking through an exclusive group of Dorchester's luxury travel partners.
  • You must provide your arriving flight information ahead of time. Just give us this information when you make your booking, and we'll take care of the rest.
  • You'll receive the same rates you see on the hotels' websites, plus... 
  • Enjoy a complimentary Full Breakfast for two every day of your stay.
  • Receive a confirmed upgrade at booking at The Dorchester (up to the Junior Suite category) and a 100£ hotel credit (that you can take right off your room rate).
  • Receive a daily 100£ hotel credit at 45 Park Lane (that can come off your room rate) and an upgrade if available at check-in.
  • Get complimentary premium high speed internet access for unlimited devices.

We are Dorchester Diamond Club travel advisors, and we offer exclusive amenities at every Dorchester hotel in the world ... and also at more than a thousand Virtuoso luxury hotels and resorts around the world. Request a stay here.

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