a working sheepdog

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The biggest advantage of having a great guide is the flexibility it affords you. You have the opportunity to change plans on the spot. Alex has been our superb private guide over the past several days whilst visiting Devon. Whilst in the midst of our tour of Dartmoor National Park on Saturday, Alex suggested a change of plans for Sunday. 

Would we be interested in visiting a working sheep farm? One phone call to Ken (pictured above) set things up. Ken is a sheep farmer who is a tenant of the Dartmoor Estate, part of the Duchy of Cornwall. His landlord? The Duke of Cornwall, otherwise known as Charles, Prince of Wales. After checking out of Lympstone Manor on Sunday morning, Alex drove us through the twisting lanes of Dartmoor to Ken's farmstead where we met Ken and his 10 year old border collie Matt. 

Matt was the star of the show. He reminded us so much of our late beloved Australian Shepherd/Border Collie, Lacey. Matt shared Lacey's boundless energy and her outgoing affectionate nature; she made friends with us right away... and herded a field full of sheep almost effortlessly.

Another advantage of a great guide? He knew the best places to have lunch. I can highly recommend both the Rugglestone Inn and the Nobody Inn where we had lunch in traditional inns with lots of locals. Thank you to Alex of Unique Devon Tours and Celebrated Experiences for making all of this possible.

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