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East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse is a wonderful junk shop at the corner of 47th & Telegraph Ave. in Oakland, CA. I arrived a bit early for dinner at Pyeong Chang Tofu House, literally next door, so I wandered through the store and looked around. A wonderful collection of lots of useful but discarded electronics, art items, books, jewelry, I came across a page from an old magazine.

TWA caught my eye. In years long past, I remember flights on TWA from Rome to Philadelphia, from San Francisco to Newark, and ultimate from San Francisco to St. Louis. The latter flight was one of TWA's very last flights before it was rebranded as American Airlines. The flight attendants even served a sheet cake to the (very small) collection of passengers onboard.

Forget what flying used to be like? Take a look at this TWA commercial from 1976...

... look at how wide those seats were
... notice the legroom in coach
... complimentary hot meals (with steak on the menu)
... the ad actually mentions "comfort"

Those truly were the good old days. No sleeper seats in international business class, but flying economy could actually be a pleasurable experience.

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