stunning architecture, but...

Terminal 2F at CDG (c) 2019 by David Ourisman, all rights reserved

Terminal 2F at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris is stunning, architecturally. The photograph above showed the scene yesterday as I entered the terminal to connect onto my flight to Florence.

Widest at the point where passengers enter, the terminal narrows dramatically as one walks to the far end. The effect is visually stunning, but ... totally impractical as a place for passengers to wait and queue for flights. Waiting passengers were literally jammed into every square meter of space.

Not the easiest airport to navigate, I had reserved a VIP transfer from the gate of my incoming flight. The hostess knew exactly where to take me, wasting not a step. We went to the inter-terminal train, got off one stop early for a little-known immigration and security facility that had only two passengers in line, then the rest of the way to 2F. She left me at the AirFrance lounge on the floor below. I had saved so much time that, despite my short connection, I was able to enjoy a hot shower, a most welcome luxury after my red-eye flight from San Francisco!

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