USB chargers & wiggly connections

when connections are wiggly, your devices won't charge

Charging USB devices while traveling in Europe is frequently problematic. Travelers typically plug their USB charger into a foreign adapter, then plug the adapter into a wall or floor outlet. The problem? Wiggly connections. I have used scotch tape to attach a charger and adapter to each other, but it was a kludgy solution that took up a lot of space space in my small electronics bag.

Making a quick trip into an electronics store on a recent trip, I purchased the device pictured just above. I replaced my charger + adapter with one small (3" long, 1.5" wide, and .63" thick) foolproof device that fits European plugs. Not available in the US, I recommend looking for something similar the next time you're in Europe. It was less than 10€ ... and so worth it!

If your travels are taking you to England, you can find a similar charger there, albeit with the kludgy power plugs common to the UK. Well worth it, especially for business travelers.

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