a postcard from Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Uluru at dawn (c) 2019 by David Ourisman, all rights reserved

A postcard from Uluru ... the Aboriginal name for this massive rock formation in the center of Australia. The English settlers called it Ayers Rock, probably the name you know.

The top photo was taken well before dawn. The half hour before the sun actually peaks above the horizon is the most special time to visit. We stood alone in the darkness, watched the sun's glow from below the horizon, and observed the gradual, almost imperceptible brightening of that glow as dawn approached. Once the sun gets above the horizon, the magic is lost as everything is cast in bright light.

Sunset is another popular time to visit Uluru. In the middle of the day, the heat can be oppressive and the harsh, bright light of the sun washes out the colors. As sunset approaches, the low angle of the sun casts golden and then reddish light upon Uluru, creating the ethereal glow you see below.

Uluru at sunset (c) 2019 by David Ourisman, all rights reserved

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