it happened at the Belvedere Hotel, Mykonos

This is a short film about a couple, Natalie and Ryan, who first met on the island of Mykonos, fell in love, and got married. As the years pass, Ryan becomes distracted by the demands of work and forgets their wedding anniversary. Natalie leaves their home in New York, the only hint of her whereabouts being a cryptic message on her computer screen ... follow the wind. In just eleven minutes, you can experience the whole story.

The Belvedere Hotel on Mykonos produced this film in 2015 to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Now, five years later with no one traveling due to the coronavirus, many hotels are doing a very creative job of marketing ... since there's nothing else to do. The Belvedere has re-released the film.

Take a look, see some of the sights of the Greek island of Mykonos, and discover how the story turns out. Then, perhaps put Hotel Belvedere on your bucket list as a beautiful place to reconnect with the person you love.

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