travel souvenirs — part 1

rice goddess from Bali (c) 2020 by David Ourisman, all rights reserved

Souvenir ... a French word that literally means memory. During these days of limited travel opportunities, I've been looking at souvenirs I've brought back from my many trips. Much more than retail therapy, we purchase souvenirs to bring back memories of wonderful travel experiences.

I remember the day we bought this beautiful wood carving. Claire and I were visiting Bali, staying near Ubud, Bali's cultural center. My advise is to bypass the center of Ubud. The town itself is full of tourists, its retail opportunities limited to many cheap souvenir stands and a few ultra-expensive stores. The true wonders of Ubud are to be found in the surrounding countryside.

We were staying at Amandari, a very picturesque resort designed to look like a traditional Balinese village. We booked a full day tour of the area with our Aman guide. He took us to some notable temples and rice fields ... and also to the shops of master artists and craftsmen who lived and worked in the area surrounding Ubud.

We found this rice goddess in the shop of a master woodcarver. The detailing is exquisite and the color and grain of the wood is so beautiful. She lives on a shelf in our bedroom ... but was happy to spend a few minutes out in the sun and fresh air this morning to pose for this photograph.

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