pro tip | DON'T laminate your vaccination card


use a name badge holder to keep your vaccination card safe

I just heard this pro tip today and wanted to pass it along. I had been planning to get my Vaccination Card laminated ... but I just got the news that some airlines and cruise companies won't accept vaccine cards that have been laminated.

Another reason not to laminate ... if and when we get booster shots, there's no way to update a laminated card.

Tips to protect your vaccination card — 

  • keep it in a protective plastic sleeve, the kind you use when you attend a large convention or trade show
  • take a photo of each side of your card and save them on your cell phone

Your ticket to go! A completed vaccination cards is an extremely valuable document. It means you're largely protected from the very nasty Covid-19 virus ... and in time, it will be your ticket to travel, reopening the world to you.

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