biking along the Rhine

on a bike during our bike ride

I spent several hours yesterday afternoon with four fellow passengers from Tauck's ms Grace as we biked 27 km along the Rhine River from Boppard to Bacharach. That's about 17 miles. The late-October afternoon was quite chilly, and it got downright cold once the sun descended behind the western wall of the Rhine valley ... but it was good to get outside, stretch some muscles, and burn some of the excess calories consumed during our cruise.

A paved path dedicated just to pedestrians and cyclists went the full length of our journey, so there was no sharing the road with cars and trucks. We stopped at appropriate places to learn the stories behind the many castles perched high above this section of the mid-Rhine.

town along the mid-Rhine (c) 2021 by David Ourisman, all rights reserved

As we biked faster than our ship was sailing, we made it to the cute little town of Bacharach before the ms Grace, this despite a coffee and pastry break midway ... and a wine break at the end of our ride. Alas, we gained back some of (all of?, more than?) the calories we had so virtuously burned off — or, as friend and fellow cruise passenger Tom Carroll put it, we were “maintaining caloric equilibrium.” Such is the nature of roughing it when you are a guest of Tauck River Cruises. Coffee, pastries, and wine were all paid for by Tauck.

If you find yourself on a Tauck tour, I highly recommend taking advantage of any opportunities to bike!

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