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I recently flew back to the US from Zurich. Before leaving for our trip, we ordered a two-test kit from e.med.com. I packed the two kits in my suitcase and downloaded the NAVICA app to our iPhones. When we were within 72 hours of our return home, we were tested from the convenience of our hotel room at Park Hyatt Zurich.

Easy and convenient, there was no need to locate an approved pharmacy that could perform the test, and the cost was significantly lower than having our hotel make the arrangements. Here's how it worked:

(1) While still in the US, we ordered a two-test kit and installed the NAVICA app on our phones. I set up our Navica accounts with usernames and passwords for Claire and me.

(2) The package made it clear: do NOT open the test kit until you're online with your certified emed guide.

(3) When we were ready to do the test, I sat in front of my MacBook. All you need is a computer, iPad, or phone with working camera and internet connection.

(4) I surfed to emed.com and logged in to begin the test.

(5) Once our certified guide came online (it was only a couple of minutes), they gave us clear step-by-step instructions. We were asked to place the unopened test kit on a flat surface in view of the video camera (to verify the integrity of the unopened kit). Then holding the QR code on the box up to the camera, the guide scanned it, then watched as we opened the box, removed the testing swab from its packaging, swirled it inside each nostril, inserted it in the test kit, put a few drops of the provided reagent onto the kit, and finally left everything in place for 15 minutes. Everything was done in view of the camera.

(6) After the 15 minute wait, another guide came online to examine the test result. It was posted to the NAVICA app in about 10 minutes, and we also received an email with the certified test results. We uploaded our negative tests to the travel ready section of our United app. They were approved, and we were all set to fly home

The entire process took less than 30 minutes per passenger. It could not have been easier! 

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