Loch Lomond in fog and rain

Loch Lomond in fog and rain (c) 2023 by David Ourisman, all rights reserved

It was the morning of the last full day of our Backroads walking tour of Scotland. Instead of waking up to blue skies and puffy white clouds, the morning was grey and dreary. Fog shrouded the views, and a light rain was falling. But that's not necessarily a bad thing for a photographer. We dread clear blue skies, while fog offers the potential of amazing photographic opportunities.

We boarded the boat that been arranged for a morning cruise on the Loch. Standard photographic techniques — compose, focus, shoot — did not yield interesting images, so I experimented. Long exposures of 1/8 or 1/4 second smoothed out the water in the foreground while the background remained sharp ... better! And then I thought of the lowly iPhone 10S in my pocket and using "time exposure" to blur the photographs. I gave it a try and what that resulted.

I'm calling it "Loch Lomond in fog and rain," and this abstract image perfectly captures the story of our cruise this morning. Hiking three miles in a light drizzle is not the most comfortable walk, but thanks to this image, I'll always treasure the memory of this morning's walk on the West Highland Way.

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