travel bargains in Europe?

While the sad state of the U.S. dollar makes travel to Europe more expensive than it normally might be, there are bargains out there. Here's a deal that came across my desk the other day.

Spend twelve days on the Mediterranean, including round-trip air from the east coast. Your room, meals onboard, and entertainment are all included at a rate starting at only $2,199 per person. That's in U.S. Dollars. Yes, it's a cruise, but, no, it's not on Carnival or some other "budget" cruise line. This price is for an inside cabin on Holland America (while availability lasts); outside cabins with verandah begin at $2,899. Taxes and port fees are additional, and of course you're on your own when you visit Barcelona, Florence, Rome, Dubrovnik, Venice, and the many other stops on your trip.

Looking for an affordable way to visit Europe this Summer? This Mediterranean cruise might just be your ticket!

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