Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, located some 20 miles east of Tofino, BC, offers guests a beautiful and secluded wilderness setting for the ultimate active vacation. Our wilderness adventure began the moment we departed the Seair terminal (adjacent to the Vancouver, BC airport) for a one hour sea plane flight which landed right at Clayoquot's dock where we were greeted by the resort's staff (and a few of their friendly canine staff as well). Our bags were taken straight to our luxury tent while we were brought to the dining hall for hors d'oeuvres (including freshly shucked oysters) and drinks.

Clayoquot is about luxury camping. Clayoquot is not -- and does not pretend to be -- the kind of luxury hotel you'd find in the middle of civilization. It's a camp, and an extremely comfortable camp at that. The tents are large and furnished with rustic antiques. Our queen size bed was extremely comfortable with a custom foam mattress (with three inch "eggshell foam" topper), and we slept very well each of our three nights. Our tent was heated by a thermostatically controlled gas fireplace. It didn't have "indoor plumbing;" each tent has a private outdoor composting toilet. There is a shared bathhouse in which each tent has its own private shower with plenty of hot water generated from Clayoquot's woodburning hot water furnace.

So why come to Clayoquot?

Natural beauty. This is the view from the dining hall where you will enjoy all of your meals. The view changes as the tide ebbs and flows and as the lighting conditions change, but you'll never tire of feasting your eyes on the panoramic views of sea, forest, and mountain.

Wilderness adventures. Everything is included here. Want to go hiking? Fishing? Go by speedboat into the Sound to watch for whales, eagles, and sea lions? Kayaking? Rock climbing? Horseback riding? There's no need to "sign up early" to reserve the activities you want. There are enough private guides on staff so that guests can choose their own individual activities each day. And if you want to do one thing and your kids want to do something else, this kind of flexibility is what Clayoquot is about.

Want to pamper yourself in the spa? One spa treatment per guest is included (we each had a great one-hour massage), and Virtuoso guests get the amenity of a complimentary second spa treatment during their stay.

Great food. Chef Timothy May is an incredible chef, and your meals, prepared from fresh local fish, meat, and produce, are outstanding presentations worthy of the finest restaurants. Fine wines and all beverages are included. You can even sign up for cooking lessons.

Smooth-as-silk service is what makes Clayoquot a five star resort. Managing Director John Caton, pictured at the left, is a gracious host who has assembled the most welcoming staff you'll ever experience. Everyone on staff seems genuinely happy to be there ... and so will you!

Who should visit Clayoquot? I recommend this resort for two types of guests:
  • Families looking for a fabulous upscale travel adventure in the Canadian wilderness.
  • Honeymooners who want a unique, active experience in a beautiful outdoor setting.

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