the Virtuoso hotels of New York

Virtuoso is a luxury travel consortium offering the best values in luxury travel for upscale travelers. Before booking any of the Virtuoso hotels of New York, consult a Virtuoso travel consultant to ensure that you are receiving the best possible value for your stay.

The Google map below shows the location of the twenty-one Virtuoso hotels in Manhattan. Click on one of the blue "dots" to bring up the exclusive amenities available to Virtuoso guests in 2011.

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Why book through Virtuoso instead of just using the Internet?
3 reasons:

1. Room upgrades. Some of these hotels offer Virtuoso guests an exclusive upgrade at the time of booking. That means, you're guaranteed a room that is larger and/or has a better view. At all of the others, you will be upgraded at the time of check-in if a room in the next category is available.

2. Free breakfasts. Ordering breakfast in a luxury hotel is an expensive proposition, even if all you want is a cup of coffee. Expensive breakfasts are a thing of the past at Virtuoso hotels. You gou get a complimentary breakfast just by booking through a Virtuoso travel consultant.

3. Extra amenities. These differ by property, but you might receive an complimentary High Tea, discounts off spa services, cocktails and appetizers, or food and beverage credits... just a little something extra to let you know you're a special guest.

Competitive rates. You will typically pay the same rate — or better — than other guests staying in the same room. With Virtuoso, you simply get the best value. Click here to request a no-obligation quote.

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