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If beautiful scenery is one of the reasons you travel, I can't say enough about the south island of New Zealand. The photograph above was taken in the morning at Blanket Bay Lodge. Although inclement weather forced cancellation of the tour I was most looking forward to (a helicopter ride through the Milford Sound), it also made for some spectacular sights.

I am nurtured by natural beauty, especially by the soft light just before sunrise. I often make it a practice to get up before dawn, just so I can witness the breaking of a new day.

This photograph was also taken at Blanket Bay Lodge. I was standing down by the lake, looking over the water towards the mountains beyond. (For those interested in the technical details, I used a Ricoh GRD 2 with the ISO set to 80. The exposure was 1/2 second at f/2.4, resting the camera on a fence railing to keep it steady.

Blanket Bay Lodge offers this serene setting and has the atmosphere of a western mountain retreat. The rooms have gorgeous views, especially the corner suites on the main level of the lodge. This is the perfect setting to relax, to fish, and to explore nearby natural wonders such as the Milford Sound. With only twelve rooms, you'll be far away from the crowds. Book through your Virtuoso luxury travel consultant to be upgraded to a suite (if available upon check-in) and to receive a complimentary luncheon for two once during your stay (breakfast and dinner are included in the rates).

Blanket Bay Lodge (search here on Google)

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