the importance of travel insurance

This Christmas saw heavy snowstorms in the midwest and on the east coast with inclement weather causing many flight delays and cancellations. I can imagine magine the frustration of vacationers whose flights to the Caribbean, Mexico, or Hawaii did not happen. Not only did they lose precious hours and even days of their family vacations, in most cases they had to pay for their unused resort rooms.

This is why you should strongly consider trip insurance. While an insurance policy cannot change the weather, it can protect you financially in the event of trip delays, flight cancellations, and unexpected illness. Some policies even allow you to cancel your trip for any reason at any time with a complete refund of hotel deposits and airline penalties. And with "bulk fares," even your airfares are completely refundable.

Some travelers want to pay the absolute lowest upfront prices. This winter's storms demonstrate vividly why that's a false economy. Ask your travel consultant about travel insurance the next time you're planning a vacation. Hopefully you won't need to use it, but travel insurance is one of the best ways to minimize travel stress.

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