Virtuoso TravelMart

I'm spending the week at TravelMart in Las Vegas. Virtuoso TravelMart is the annual trade show for Virtuoso travel consultants and suppliers. Held for the past ten years at the Bellagio, the major "business" of the trade show is connecting with Sales reps from hundreds of Virtuoso hotels, resorts, tour companies, onsites, and other suppliers.

I have 424 four-minute appointments spread out over four days, quite an exhausting way to spend Monday through Thursday. Travel consultants are seated at small tables in three large (and over air-conditioned) ballrooms, while the sales reps make the rounds. The YouTube video above is an excerpt from one such interview - we are learning about a new Private Grizzly Bear Viewing activity in British Columbia, Canada that has been developed by Entrée Destinations, a Virtuoso onsite for Canada.

TravelMart is an incredible source of information about the finest luxury travel experiences in the world but - more than that - of making the contacts who can help Virtuoso travel consultants get our clients upgraded and have their special requests accommodated.

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