a fun London tour

During my recent trip to London, I had the opportunity to meet Robert Welch, the managing director of Small Car Big City Ltd and sample the services of his London tour company. The company has a fleet of classic Mini Coopers, with very knowledgeable driver/guides who literally scoot you around the city. The cars are small, low to the ground, with a very tight turning radius. This comes to good advantage maneuvering through tight London traffic.

Robert was extremely knowledgeable, and I enjoyed his commentary as he chauffeured me from one hotel site inspection to the next. As he drove up The Mall towards Buckingham Palace, Robert shared an interesting factoid. The word "mall" (now referring to an enclosed shopping area) gets its origin from a game similar to croquet called pall-mall — players hit the ball (pall) with a mallet (mall). The Pall Mall cigarette brand also derives its name from from this game.

Want to plan a bespoke tour of London? Contact Small Car Big City via their website or through your travel consultant.

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