Brooklyn, NY | well worth a visit

view of lower Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge

More than Manhattan, New York City is comprised of five boroughs. Brooklyn is the most populous of the boroughs with 2.5 million residents – the fourth largest city in the United States (after NYC combined, LA, and Chicago). Literally just across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan, which is an interesting walk in itself (see picture above), Brooklyn is well worth a visit.

Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain is a living relic from the past. No longer a pharmacy, it remains a popular ice cream shop located in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn. Every table was full when we dropped by on Friday afternoon, but after a short wait, we got a table for four. Claire and I split a Hot Brownie Sundae, Jessica had a root bear float, and Josh ordered an egg cream (half an inch of cold milk, 2 Tsp. of chocolate syrup, the rest of the glass filled with seltzer water, then the entire concoction vigorously stirred).

My verdict? Not bad, and worth the nostalgic experience, but not up to the standards of a true chocoholic. Hey, I'm just being honest.

On leaving Brooklyn Farmacy, we walked along picturesque Henry Street all the way back to the Brooklyn Bridge and over the East River to Manhattan, then hopped an express subway back to 59th Street.

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