Four Seasons Costa Rica | two beaches!

What a beach resort! This is satellite photo of Four Seasons Costa Rica from Google maps gives a birds-eye view of the resort, and the most amazing feature is that there are two beaches.

The beach to the north faces the Pacific Ocean. This is the "quiet beach" (and also has an adults-only "quiet pool" facing the water).

The beach to the south faces the bay, Bahia de Culebra. This is the "activity beach" with stronger waves. The resort's Sports Pavilion provides equipment for active beach activities including snorkeling, sea kayaking, sailing, and sail boarding.

The best thing about these beaches? Plenty of natural shade trees (which you can't really see from the satellite image, so here's a photo I took with my iPad while sitting on the beach while connected to the complimentary WiFi you received with a Preferred Partner booking). Grab one of the resorts many chaise lounges (no need to come early to reserve your chairs) and spend a few hours relaxing by the sea. The sand is soft and the beaches are uncrowded. Although technically "public" beaches, the only access is through the resort.

We've been to some wonderful Four Seasons beach resorts over the years (including Hulalai, Maui, Manele Bay, and Nevis), and FS Costa Rica is now my wife's favorite of them all!

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