next stop, Ireland!

Wasn't I just in France, you ask? Well, yes… and I've been back all of three weeks.

And wasn't I just in Ireland last year? You have such a good memory! I was indeed in Ireland a year ago and posted this trip report on eleven luxury hotels and this brief article about Guinness (to which I took a liking).

So why am I going back?

1. Partly because it's Brownell's annual educational trip, and it's a great opportunity to spend time with my friends and colleagues.

2. Partly because I want to compare Irish Guiness with what they pour in the States. I had a half pint at The Irish Bank on Saturday night in San Francisco, along with some excellent Shepherd's Pie. The US version had a slightly bitter taste, so that's what I'll be tasting for in Ireland.

3. But mostly because Ireland is an incredible destination. Beautiful scenery with forty shades of green, friendly people, great food, pubs, and ancient Celtic ruins (such as the amazing structure pictured above that predates Stonehenge). How did they get that 3,000 pound stone raised to the top of the structure, and what has kept it from falling for more than a millenium?

Ireland deserves a consideration as your next European destination. Everyone wants to go to Italy in the summer, but Italy is so hot and humid during the summer months … and crowded all the time. When I get back, I'll have even more to share … as well as my impressions of some hotels I missed the first time around including Ashford Castle, Gregans Castle, K Club, Westin Dublin, and Ballyfin.

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