great tour guides = extraordinary experiences

Sally, our extraordinary tour guide in England

We all know (or can imagine) what it's like to have a tour guide who's merely "average." While he or she may be perfectly competent and get you from place to place with a minimum of hassle, the narrative might be, well, just average. Lots of facts, lots of dates, lots of yawn-inducing details concerning who begat whom, and so on.

Imagine the difference when you get one of the best in the business! That was the case with Sally, pictured above, who was our tour guide last week in England. Working exclusively with Noteworthy Events, Sally is perhaps the best tour guide I've ever had. A gifted storyteller, she held my attention throughout the five days of our trip (and I have perhaps the lowest boredom threshold on the planet). She told stories with drama and passion and truly made our England trip one of the most extraordinary travel experiences I've ever had.

Sure, you can book a tour guide through a hotel concierge, and you may save 15%, but you'll get whoever is "left" a few days before your tour. Since all the great guides get booked early, you'll get someone who's "average." If you want a really great tour guide, my advice is to contact your Virtuoso travel consultant as soon as possible.

Now that I'm back from London, you may enjoy reading through all of my blog posts from the trip.

London skyline at dawn
a couple in the Waterloo tube station
English gardens in the early spring
Downton Abbey | I was there!
sitting in Churchill's chair
the changing of the guard | avoid the crowds
St. Paul's Cathedral | behind the scenes access
the crown jewels | up close and personal

Still coming ... luxury hotel site inspections from London and the countryside.

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