U Bein Bridge at sunset

U Bein bridge at sunset (c) 2018 by David Ourisman, all rights reserved

The oldest and longest teak bridge in the world, U Bein Bridge is three-quarters of a mile long and over 170 years old, built with teakwood. It is quite a popular tourist attraction, and the crowds were there when we arrived on Friday afternoon. We did not walk out onto the bridge due to (1) it being so crowded and (2) the fact that the bridge has no side rails. But not walking the bridge was not a disadvantage.

To enjoy the best view of any attraction, it's necessary to get some distance from the attraction itself. In our case, the Sanctuary Ananda had rented a number of rowboats for us, one for each cabin. Claire and I sat in our own boat as the oarsman rowed us out into the river. We settled some distance from shore to look upon the the view above.

A special surprise arrived after awhile on the water... a rowboat rowed by with two Ananda staff members, serving glasses of Tattingers Champagne to their guests. It grew close to sunset and, as we waited, the sun lowered in the western sky, eventually turning into a brilliant red ball. The photograph above will share a sense of the experience.

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