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Deluxe Suite on the Sanctuary Ananda

Our journey has taken us to Bagan where we were met upon arrival by an A&K rep who assisted with our transfer to the Sanctuary Ananda, the riverboat that would be home for the next three days in Myanmar. We were escorted to our Deluxe Suite on the Mandalay deck and started settling in. During the course of unpacking, I discovered a sheet offering upsell possibilities. For $500 all-in, we had the option of an upgraded Luxury Suite.

We asked to ask to see the larger suite. The difference between Deluxe (291 sq ft) and Luxury (334 sq ft) is just 43 square feet. To luxury hotel aficionados, space onboard ships will always seem cramped. The Deluxe "suite" (291 sq ft) had enough room for a bed and a small desk; no place to sit or hang out. The Luxury "suite" (334 sq ft) had an additional 43 square feet of living space. That may not seem like much, but it would mean a world of difference inside our cabin.
  • The larger suite had a sitting area with a sofa and easy chair.
  • Two luggage racks were provided in the room.
  • The closet area was more accessible and much more usable.
  • The balcony was 50% larger with a lounge chair.
In the world of hotels, 334 square feet constitutes a very small "superior room." Onboard a river cruise ship, a cabin that makes efficient use of this space can be quite comfortable.

We upsold and are delighted we did! Lesson to be gleaned: when you book a cruise, it's well worth the additional cost to secure the largest cabin within your budget. Your cabin becomes personal space, not just a place to sleep.

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