postcard from New Zealand | Waiheke Island

silhouetted trees on Waiheke Island (c) 2019 by David Ourisman, all rights reserved

I never knew about Waiheke Island, but that's where we spent yesterday. Described as the Hamptons of Auckland, the island is a 30-minute ferry ride from Auckland harbour and central business district.

Why did we go there? To inspect Omaru Bay, a luxury villa that’s part of the collection of Virtuoso partner Touch of Spice; to enjoy a bespoke activity creating our own perfume and our own gin (for gin and tonic); to enjoy wine tasting; and to have a fabulous lunch at Poderi Crisci.

Now at the end of two great weeks in New Zealand, we fly home tonight. Thank you to Virtuoso, Tourism New Zealand, Auckland Tourism, and Southern World for making this all possible.

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