my New Zealand highlight

waterfall at Minaret Station (c) 2019 by David Ourisman, all rights reserved

What's your favorite takeaway from a trip? For me, it's that one WOW photograph that I'm able to take during my trip (if I'm so lucky to find a composition, capture an image, and fall in love with it). Such photographs tell a story and help me remember a very special moment.

This image of a waterfall is my favorite takeaway from 10 days in New Zealand. We had helicoptered into Minaret Station, a remote retreat located in a mountain valley about 35 miles north of Queenstown. It had been raining, and the waterfalls were gushing water. On arrival, I borrowed the tripod from the lodge's living room (on which they normally keep a telescope), mounted my camera to it, and hiked with the rest of my group along the boardwalk to explore the valley.  Because of the long 2.5 second exposure, you can sense the rapidly moving water in this stream at the foot of the waterfall.

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