running through the fountains

running through the Joke Fountains (c) 2019 by David Ourisman, all rights reserved

We visited the fountains at Grand Peterhof Palace our first morning in St. Petersburg. One of many ornate palaces in Russia, Peterhof was built by Peter the Great. Though one of the most popular attractions in Russia, we never felt hemmed in by crowds because the grounds are so massive.

Grand Peterhof Palace fountains (c) 2019 by David Ourisman, all rights reserved

Don't miss the Joke Fountains (pictured at the very top of the article). A fountain randomly* shoots jets of water at pedestrians who walk along the cobblestoned path in front of these benches. The young girl in the picture has dashed along that path, successfully missing the spray of the fountain. Obviously, it's a fun place for kids!

The beautiful gardens of Peterhof Palace rival Versailles in their scale. Be sure to visit on a sunny day!

*randomly? ... not really!!! A park attendant, hidden in a small booth behind the fountain, controls when the fountain shoots its water.

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