selfies in St Petersburg

taking selfies (c) 2019 by David Ourisman, all rights reserved

The Church on the Spilt Blood is one of the quite remarkable places to visit in St. Petersburg. It gets it name from the historical event that here took place in March, 1881 — the fatal wounding of Emperor Alexander II. The imperial family built this elaborate memorial between 1883 and 1907.

The church's interior is decorated with elaborate glass mosaics. These are dramatic pieces of religious art, well worth a visit even if you're into neither religion nor art. But, seriously, I don't get what the two teenagers in the photo are doing — taking selfies with their phones and not admiring the the mosaics.

dome of the Church on the Spilt Blood (c) 2016 by David Ourisman, all rights reserved

St. Petersburg is a most incredible destination, and be watching for more "postcards" from here. 

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