a fun way to share your travels on Zoom

the Zoom background I used for my church's Zoom coffee hour this morning

I take photographs every time I travel. Though no one is traveling right now, we can still enjoy and share our travel photos as backgrounds when we meet with others in a Zoom meeting.

After my church's online service this morning (click here if you're interested), I joined our online Zoom coffee hour. This photograph of the beautiful stained glass in St. Chapelle in Paris served as my background. Here's how you can do the same thing.
  1. Locate a JPEG file you'd like to use. 
  2. Boot Zoom and open the Preferences dialog box. 
  3. Select the Virtual Background tab in the left sidebar. 
  4. Click the small "+" sign at the right side of the screen and click "Add Image." 
  5. On a Mac, this will open a Finder search box. Navigate to the JPEG file you want to use. 
  6. Select that file and click "Open." 
You can store a library of travel photos in Zoom. Every time you join a meeting, simply click the photo you want to use as your background. It's a fun way to share memories of past trips and anticipate the ones to come ... whenever we're able to travel again. Hope that time comes soon!

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