tropical winter escape | Hawaii, anyone?

a cold, damp winter's day in the upper midwest
When we flew from San Francisco to Bloomington, IL yesterday, we were spared the disruptions so many endured on Thursday. The winter storms had moved east by Friday morning, and both of our flights left on time and landed early. But the winter weather that greeted us? Not so welcoming! Temperatures were in the 20's — with 40 mph gale force winds — not quite what this northern California resident is accustomed to!

If you're dreaming of a white Christmas, you'll get your wish this year ... but after New Years, take the chance to escape the dreary cold and damp of winter for a week in the tropics: white sand beaches, blue skies, bright sunshine, dressed in shorts and t-shirts.

So where do you want to travel this winter? Hawaii is convenient to west coast residents. Florida and the Caribbean are convenient if you live in the midwest or on the east coast. Mexico is an affordable destination easily reached from all over the country. Call your travel consultant to put together a complete vacation package for your tropical winter escape!

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